Guidance & Inspiration for making step-by-step sustainable changes to diet and lifestyle.


"Anastasia is right when she says her approach is about more than healthy eating. She worked with me after I had a baby during a time of change for my mind and body and her support was incredible. She will help you take an outside look at what's going on in your life and how it is affecting your eating habits and provide you with a game plan, encouragement, recipes and solutions to whatever is holding you back from your goals. She also made herself available all the time to answer questions and listen to my concerns."~Lauren M.

"Anastasia is the best wellness coach I have ever had. I gain so much from meeting with her. She really understands struggles and gives great suggestions in succeeeding in living a healthier lifestyle."~Gauri P.

"Anastasia is wonderful to work with! She has the ability to meet you where you are in health and wellness, and help you adapt your lifestyle with healthy living patterns. It's not all about what you eat....Anastasia teaches you it's about taking care of yourself!"~Michelle B.

"Knowledgeable, inspirational, and down to earth is how I describe Anastasia Bartlett of Bartlett Wellness. I worked with her over the winter to build strength and manage pain. Anastasia helped me achieve these goals and more, by identifying corrections that could be made to my posture and helping me develop strategies for stretching and taking care of my body. Her advice with food was really helpful and she was nonjudgmental in her approach. With weight training she helped push me but stayed within my bounds to prevent injury. The most inspirational thing about Anastasia is her commitment to fitness and how she safely and confidently worked out and trained during her pregnancy. I highly recommend choosing Anastasia as she will motivate and inspire and provide a comfortable place for dialogue and training to help you reach your goals."~Jenny R.

"Anastasia is a warm and caring individual. She has a tremendous amount of patience working with my fairly clumsy attempts at yoga. Best news of all - her guidance is helping me meet health goals. I'm so glad I found her. Looking forward to many more successful sessions with her."~Eydie S

"Anastasia came out to my house for my workouts! We also did some health coaching and made me more aware of the foods I was eating. She was flexible with scheduling since I have a baby and needed that flexibility. Great coach, very knowledgeable about health and fitness!!! She kept me motivated!!"~Rebecca P.

"Anastasia is a great trainer. She is very knowledgeable and gave helpful advice about exercise and nutrition. She has a great personality and I was always comfortable working out with her. I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future."~Christy W.

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